Casting Call

The cast
The Improvised Play is looking for a couple of new cast members!
The Improvised Play is a group that chooses a new writer to improvise a play in the style of each year or so. The current show that we’re winding down is The Glass Imaginary (Tennessee Williams) and our last playwright was Caryl Churchill. Our next writer (the one we’re adding cast for) will be Neil Gaiman. The director is Stephen Davidson, and a full cast list can be found here:
We are looking for folks who have at least a couple of years of narrative improv experience (or similar) and who have a love of stories. Players will need to be able to play grounded and emotional scenes, use metaphor and imagery, and will be delighted by odd improv offers. Curating a warm and friendly creative space is important to us, so we’re looking for folks for whom that is also a priority.
Diversity is important to us, and the group already has very strong representation of queer, neurodivergant, and afab folks. We have a handful of different nationalities represented, but would love to improve this (especially given how many cultural tales and characters Neil Gaiman likes to use!).
Currently some shows are paid and some are not, and rehearsals are not paid. We’ve performed at the Edingburgh fringe twice, but are not planning to go this year, and are pursuing various fringe and festival spots instead. Our last scheduled Glass Imaginary performance is at the Amsterdam improv festival, then Neil Gaiman takes over. Production work is mostly done by Stephen with support from the cast- folks who like helping with this kind of admin are very welcome!
Rehearsals are project based rather than on a regular basis.
Upcoming dates:
Auditions afternoon March 11, St Margaret’s house E2 9PL
March 23 evening rehearsal
April 2 afternoon rehearsal

APPLY HERE by February 20

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