Privilege in improv

Privilege and diversity in improv- it’s not just about money Fast ideas to make sure everybody feels good: Ask how people are doing, even if it’s just for a few seconds per student. Make sure everybody who wants a go gets one. If your lesson plan includes pile-in type games*, balance them out with inclusive … Read more

Any Skill is Learnable

This is really something I can’t say enough times, both as an improviser and in my day job teaching and conducting music. The idea that talent is inherent and people are either good at something or they’re not is wildly unhelpful and really misleading; nobody is good at anything without a significant amount of practice, … Read more

Colin Mochrie

This isn’t really a blog post in the traditional sense, but a re-posting of a letter that I recently wrote Colin Mochrie, on the occasion on his daughter’s coming out as Transgender. He replied, and re-posted on his facebook; a really heartening conversation amongst improvisers ensued. His immediate response is below. Dear Colin, I’m a … Read more