Co-teaching with me

This is a general info page about how co-teaching usually works, but it need not be a firm blueprint; a flexible working style is part of the philosophy behind this approach.

Generally, co-taught courses will represent a unique offering that brings out each of our strengths and which neither of us would teach on our own. Each of us maintain ownership of anything we bring to the class, but the whole class and the title should stay as a collaborative effort (ie please don’t present a carbon copy of our work solo down the line).  The spirit is very much one of improv, each of us bringing our unique selves and finding what emerges between us. It’s also valuable continuing professional development for both of us as practitioners; teachers are all too often working in isolation.

For one-off co-taught courses the profits are split 50/50 between co-teachers, and the admin of putting the class online (Eventbrite/Facebook/Meetup/Instagram/The improv place etc) will fall to me and/or my assistant Hazel. Sharing and promoting the event would be very helpful, but isn’t required of you. For courses (4+ classes as a set) profits are split 50/50 less a £20 cut to cover some cost for my assistant Hazel, who will be doing the admin. My pricing structures are fairly firm, because I believe in offering accessible options for everyone; please have a look at some current classes for examples.

Lesson planning is usually done via a shared google doc, and might be anything from a set of bullet points to detailed descriptions and timings. I’m very flexible about planning styles and happy to move towards whatever you are most comfortable with.

For a summary of my philosophy as a practitioner, please have a look at my Inclusion Statement; I’m only open to working with those who’s beliefs about inclusion match my own.