Formats Masterclass

black and white image of Stephen Davidson, smiling.
Stephen Davidson

This course includes various formats and skills to join scenes together into a larger piece, using a light and cheerful approach. Experienced longformers will know that sometimes the extra rules and structures needed to make a successful longform piece can leave you feeling a bit ‘in your head’. We’ll learn how we keep the joy alive, and follow the fun without worrying too much about doing improv perfectly – if it’s fun, you’re doing something right! Lots of practice on skills like pulling material, scene painting, tags and other edits will leave you in great shape for jams, teams, and more shows and formats.

Dependant on group size, experience level, and workshop length this might include: The Living Room, La Ronde, the Deconstruction, the Documentary, the Sleepover, Harold, Armando, Scene Whore, Bat, Narrative improv, the Slacker, Beer Shark Mice, JTS Brown, and variations thereof.

This workshop is best suited to a 2 day intensive, but can also be condensed to 6 hours. It’s recommended that participants have at least a year of improv experience and are comfortable with scene work. Please contact me for availability, pricing, and further info.

“I learnt how to dive in, not think too much and be confident with my choices”