Group Coaching

black and white image of Stephen Davidson, smiling
Stephen Davidson

Do you feel your group could benefit from some outside guidance? It can be tricky to grow as a group without a gentle push now and again. I love coaching, and can provide that extra bit of knowledge and motivation to help your group find it’s voice, grow together, and prepare for shows. I coach short-form, long-form, narrative, genre, slow burn, and formats including The Living Room, La Ronde, the Deconstruction, the Documentary, the Sleepover, Harold, Armando, Scene Whore, Bat, Narrative improv, the Slacker, Beer Shark Mice, JTS Brown, and variations thereof.

Please contact me for availability, pricing, and further info.

“I learnt how to dive in, not think too much and be confident with my choices, even if they are super crazy. I also enjoyed how each week we were naturally challenged that little bit more to take our improv ideas to the next level. A big thank you!”


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