Online classes and shows

Looking for a bespoke workshop or online coaching? Drop me a line, I’d love to work with you!

If you’d like to take any of these but would struggle with finance, please email me and we’ll sort you out, no explanation required.


Top Pet Model

For 8 weeks from  February 5th, animals and their human improviser companions will be competing in interactive challenges. Watch on my Facebook page!


Them’s Fightin’ Conflict as Catalyst, co-taught with Audra Goffeney (4 Thursday evenings from March 11th)

Inclusion in Improv: Deeper Learning and Action Plan, co-taught with Monica Gaga (4 Tuesday evenings from March 16th) 

How to Direct Improv, co-taught with Irina Wilder (8 Saturday afternoons from April 10th)

Inclusion in Theatre, co-taught with Monica Gaga (4 Thursday evenings from April 22nd)

Standalone Classes

Performing with Confidence, co-taught with Rosie Bergonzi (March 8th)

When to Say No: Emotional Self-Regulation in Improv with Rita Suszek (Tuesday 9th) 

Speed Kills, co-taught with Rick Horner (March 14th)

Meisner into Improv with Kelsey Yuhara (April 13th) 

26 Ways to Play the Alphabet Game with Velvet Wells (April 20th)