Online classes and shows

Looking for a bespoke workshop or online coaching? Drop me a line, I’d love to work with you!


May 16 SHOW Boxed In 7pm BST (VIDEO)

May 22 PANEL Queer Spaces in Improv 6pm BST (VIDEO)

May 23 SHOW Eggplant Improv (Duo with Rhiannon Jenkins) 7pm BST (VIDEO)

May 31 CLASS Advanced Drop-in (narrative) 3:30pm BST (SOLD OUT)

June 3 CLASS  LGBTQ Drop-in  7:30pm BST

June 10 CLASS  LGBTQ Drop-in  7:30pm BST

June 14 CLASS The Maydays/The Nursery Advanced Drop-in, 3:30PM BST

June 16 CLASS 6-week course on Viewpoints 7:30PM BST (SOLD OUT)

June 17 CLASS Improvised Film Noir 6pm BST (SOLD OUT)

June 24 CLASS  LGBTQ Drop-in  7:30pm BST

June 26 PANEL Audience Interaction 6pm BST

June 26 CLASS 6-week course on The Improvised Play 7:30PM BST

June 27 CLASS Beginner-friendly Drop-in 3:30PM BST

June 29 CLASS Improvised Film Noir 7:30PM BST (SOLD OUT)

Aug 17 CLASS 5-evening intensive course on Viewpoints 7:00pm BST