Online classes and shows

Looking for a bespoke workshop or online coaching? Drop me a line, I’d love to work with you!

If you’d like to take any of these but would struggle with finance, please email me and we’ll sort you out, no explanation required.


Inclusion in Improv, co-taught with Monica Gaga (8 Wednesday evenings from Oct 21)

Improvised Radio Plays: Murder Mystery (Audio only) (6 Thursday evenings from Nov 5)

Viewpoints for Narrative (6 Tuesday evenings from Nov 10)

Creating Safe Intimacy in Improv, co-taught with Lucy Fennell (4 Friday evenings from Nov 27)

Viewpoints for Improv (6 Thursday evenings from Jan 7)

Standalone Classes

Character and Status, co-taught with Jon Nguyen (Sat Oct 24 1pm)

Play Like an Ally at District Queer Comedy Fest (Sat Oct 24 4pm)

How to be Sexy, co-taught with Rhiannon Jenkins (Tue Oct 27 7pm)

Difficult Conversations in Improv (Tue Nov 3 7pm)