The Living Room

image of Stephen Davidson, smiling
Stephen Davidson

Sometimes a good improv scene is just like hanging out with your friends. The Living Room blends real life and make-believe in a fast, engaging, and hilarious format. Our own silly stories, vague recollections, thoughts about the world, and clever anecdotes can be used to inspire scenes that are uniquely charming. The Living Room is a format for everybody, whether short-form player, comedian, or long-form purist there’s something for you. Practise playing to the crowd, making quick connections and tangential leaps, and telling mini-monologues.

This workshop is best suited to a 1 day intensive, but can also be condensed to 3 hours. It’s recommended that participants have at least a year of improv experience and are comfortable with scene work. Please contact me for availability, pricing, and further info.

“You create an awesome vibe, with lots of room to learn and make mistakes.”
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