Characters You’re Not Allowed To Play

black and white image of Stephen Davidson, smiling
Stephen Davidson

Part of the joy of improv is the freedom to play any character, but we sometimes shy away from characters who are very different from ourselves. Choosing a character from a different cultural background, a different race, a different gender, or who has a disability can feel very uncomfortable for some people. We’re scared of causing offence, of getting it wrong, of misrepresenting a viewpoint or experience that is not our own. If we never try, though, we miss out on a rich pool of characters, and we might never see some of these lives onstage. Worse, we let our fear dictate our art. This workshop focuses on strategies for playing any character in an honest and heartfelt way, and on broadening our own knowledge of different human experiences.

This workshop is suited to a full day or a slightly more condensed five-hour version. It’s recommended that participants have at least two years of improv experience and are comfortable with scene work. Please contact me for availability, pricing, and further info.