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If you’d like to take any of these but would struggle with finance, please email me and we’ll sort you out, no explanation required.

In Person Classes (London, UK)

Viewpoints for improvisers, September 9 & 10

A 2 day in-person Viewpoints intensive for improv. Viewpoints is a theatre vocabulary that developed from dance improvisation and choreography. It’s a valuable tool for awareness of physical presence and stage picture, embodiment of emotional cues, maintaining focus in a scene, and meaningful scene work. Viewpoints is a fantastic foundation skill for improvised theatre. Limited to 10 people

Improvising Neil Gaiman, 12 Wednesdays from September 20

In this 12 week class, we will cover the elements of an improvised play (grounded scenework, heartfelt narrative, structure, movement on stage) as well as thematic elements of Neil Gaiman (incorporating folklore and magic, balancing a real world and a magical one). There will be a short list of reading and viewing material, so that we can all speak about Neil Gaiman with a common pool of knowledge. Guest co-teachers from the cast of The Improvised Play will join the course to offer specialist knowledge ( Limited to 10 people, for experienced improvisers


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