I write a lot about diversity and inclusion, which means I also read a lot about diversity and inclusion. Here are links to some favourite articles, which I’ll try to keep up to date. I always love to hear about new resources, too!


Advantage Blindness

Hierarchies and Human Behaviour

How To Be an Ally

How Straight White Male Lineups are Comedy Death

Working for the Weekend

Identity Conscious Casting


Why Aren’t There More Black People in Improv

Improv as a BAME Comic

Applying the Tools of Improv to Anti-Racism

VIDEO: Why “I’m not racist” is only half the story

How White People Handle Diversity Training

Why My ‘Classic’ Movies Are Different From Yours

Black Lives Matter Syllabus

Hate Speech and Hecklers

7 Reasons Why ‘Colourblindness’ Contributes to Racism

BAME Mental health in the UK

3 Ways Racial Microaggressions Sneak In

Improv so White

We’re Better Than That

20 Ways to Make the UK Less Racist

The Riz Test for the portrayal of Muslims on film and TV

VIDEO Decolonisation and Self-Determination

Art Equity

100 Black Improvisers

Excerpt: You’ll Never believe What Happened to Lacey

Healing and Reparation: When to Stop Fighting and Let Go

PODCAST Loving Colour

Black Feminism and the Combahee River Collective


Gender Bias in Science

Stop Saying Women and Femmes

LGBTQ Characters in Improv

Stop Gender Casting Your Improv Show

Things Need To Change

Sexism in the Movies

Experiences From Women in Improv

Trans in Comedy

How to be a Better Ally to Trans and Non-Binary People

Shakespeare Used The Singular They, and So Should You

Pre-Colonial acceptance of queer relationships in China

VIDEO Things  Not to Say to a Non-Binary Person

30 Tips From Trans and Non-Conforming People on How Cisgender Folks Can be Better Allies

Gendervague: At the Intersection of Autistic and Trans Experiences

Irish Feminists Must Avoid the Trap of British Transphobia

Trans Visibility and Queer Family: How Star Trek Discovery Broke New Ground

Stonewall Glossary of Terms

Colonialism Still Affects How Black and Indigenous People See Gender

If You Think My Pronouns Are Optional We Can’t Keep Being Friends


5 Tips for Deaf and Disabled Actors

Improvisation for Autism

Improv(ing) on the Autism Spectrum

Autism and Identity

Ablist Language: Words And Terms To Avoid

What is Dyslexia?

What it Means to Have a Fluctuating Disability

Being an Ally to People With Disabilities

Person First Language

The Social Model of Disability

VIDEO Social Model Animation

Neurodiversity Terms and Definitions

Unlimited Arts Commissions

10 Ableist Tropes to Jettison in 2021

How to Avoid Using Ableist Language

Seven Things I Want You to Understand About Autism

VIDEO Oops, You Did an Ableism

PODCAST Autism in Improv

My Disability is Dynamic

What It’s Like Living With Chronic Illness

How Improv Offers Me Relief from OCD

Trauma-informed Practice

VIDEO The Post Racist Planet

Embodied Social Change

PODCAST Burnout with Emily and Amelia Nagoski

Parents’ Emotional Trauma May Change Their Children’s Biology

COURSE How Do People Heal From Trauma

Taking Care of Each Other:

Why We Need Love and Support in Improv

How Yes And Changed With #MeToo

Developing Resilience Through Improvisation

How To Create A Supportive Atmosphere For Impro

Real Solidarity vs. ‘Ally Theatre’

Via Negativa is Actual Bullshit

Power and Consent in Improv

Other articles:

Creative Equity Toolkit

How To Pronounce Names

The Cognitive Bias Codex

Interpreters of Colour

The Vulnerability Loop

36 Questions That Lead to Love

Where I’m From

Honor Native Land

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