Trans Interviews

I write and speak a lot about being trans, being a trans improviser, and how both have a wider effect on my world view. I’m very happy to be a representative of the trans community, but I’m also aware that for a lot of people I’m the only one they know personally. One personal connection can provide a lot of insight into an experience, but not the whole experience of a group of people. I decided to start a series of interviews with other improvisers who are trans and/or non-binary so that we can all benefit from a wider range of perspectives.

This is an ongoing project, so if you’re a trans/non-binary (or intersex/gender-fluid/otherwise differently gendered) improviser, do get in touch!


Amelie Brunier, Paris, France

Bez Ely, London, UK

Jenet Le Lacheur, London, UK

Mara Joy Craig, Edinburgh, UK


Huw Lloyd, Tokyo, Japan

North America:

Able, Oakland, CA, USA

Jex Arzayus, Minneapolis, MN, USA

L.E. Zarling, Richmond, VA, USA