As the name of this website suggests, I work with a lot of people! Below is a list of collaborators- people I’ve taught courses or classes with. These lovely folks are also available for bespoke courses and consulting!

A picture of Monica Gaga with her arms outstretched, welcoming
Monica Gaga
A picture of Tanaka Mhishi, smiling at the camera
Tanaka Mhishi
A picture of Erin Enfrys leaning against a wall. They are wearing jeans and a blue checked shirt
Erin Enfrys
A picture of Irina Wilder
Irina Wilder
A picture of Audra Goffeney
Audra Goffeney
A picture of Jon Nguyen
Jon Nguyen
A picture of Mara Joy with a trans pride flag painted on her cheek
Mara Joy
A picture of Rhiannon Jenkins
Rhiannon Jenkins
A picture of Gaynor Smith
Gaynor Smith
A picture of Rosie Bergonzi smiling at the camera
Rosie Bergonzi
A picture of Rita Suszek smiling to the camera with a pink background
Rita Suszek
A picture of Kelsey Yuhara smiling over her shoulder
Kelsey Yuhara
A picture of Velvet Wells, smiling to the camera with a blue background
Velvet Wells
A black and white picture of Lucy Fennell
Lucy Fennell