Monica Gaga

A picture of Monica Gaga with her arms outstretched, welcoming
Monica Gaga, photo by Unai Garcia, Hoopla Impro, London

Monica Gaga is a British-born black African queer improviser, facilitator, host, performer and producer.

She trained in Community Theatre at East 15 Acting School, and her boundless love for improv stems from time spent at Second City in Chicago.

When she is not performing, hosting or teaching, Monica is championing diversity in improv and trying to get as many people, particularly POC, involved as possible.

Monica is based in London, UK.

As seen, heard and staged on BBC News, BBC Three, ITVBe, London Live, BBC History, BBC Radio London, Global Pillage, The Comedy Store, Hoopla Impro, Boulevard Theatre and more.


Twitter and Instagram: @msmonicagaga

Monica and Stephen are teaching Inclusion in Theatre from April 22, with guest collaborators Tanaka and Erin