Testimonials and quotes


“Stephen is joyous and generous, but don’t let that fool you; there’s a wicked streak.”

-Katy Schutte, The Improviser’s Way, The Maydays

“Stephen is really fucking fun to watch. He’s got this sense of coy mischief in him that is utterly delightful.”

-Kaci Beeler, The Hideout Theatre, Pgraph

“Stephen Davidson is an absolute joy as a performer – intelligent, supportive, and cheerful.”

– Eric Caldwell, Producer, Alaska State Improv Festival

“Stephen and Erick play with such calmness and joy that the audience feels confident to go along on the emotional ride. We were so hooked, you could hear a pin drop in the moments between the laughs. Hilariously funny, yet touching and very real at the same time. Like surgeons, only the steadiest hands are able to operate with such precision on the delicate matters of the heart.”

-Aree Witoelar, teacher/director Impro Neuf International.

“Quietly brilliant. Explores where others wouldn’t dare. It’s always exciting to see him on stage.”

-Aleksandra Skolozynska, Maki Boski



“Never thought I’d do a course where I came out the other side a different person. Before improv I was a very closed and anxious person who knew they could be funny, but didn’t know how to let that person out in the fear of being judged. After 8 weeks of rolling on the floor laughing, pretending to be a toaster and doing ridiculous scenes I’ve come out the other side so much closer to the person I was hoping I could be.”

“You made the sessions feel like a complete safe space, no mistakes just opportunities. I used to get so anxious at work for getting my creative work wrong. Now I go into every review care free!”

“You create an awesome vibe, with lots of room to learn and make mistakes.”

“I really enjoyed all the different games that we played which were silly and fun. Stephen is a great teacher and provides feedback in such way that you never feel like you’ve done something wrong. I have grown in confidence from attending the course and have actually used some of the teachings to help me in other areas of my life.”

“I enjoyed meeting new people, and being able to step out of my comfort zone in a safe environment. Everyone was friendly, professional and supportive. Naturally I’m funny normally around people I’m close too, so it was great that this said of me could come out with strangers. I benefited greatly as I was a bit anxious.”

“I enjoyed the course very much! I liked that it was building on what was learned in the Beginner’s course, and that with things like character and setting down pat, we focussed on things like narrative. I absolutely adored the people on the course, and it was nice to perform with people who also had other improv/acting experience – I felt like I had to up my game because everyone was so good. The games were great, my particular favourite was making up our own ones.”

“Thanks for continuing to drive my passion for improv!”

“I absolutely loved the course and will be back for the advanced course. Thank you so much.”

“I felt comfortable enough to be ridiculous. It’s the most I’ve enjoyed an improv course. Stephen was brilliant.”

“(I enjoyed) The ability to learn in a free, non-judgemental environment with a range of super talented and enthusiastic people. I learnt how to dive in, not think too much and be confident with my choices. Even if they are super crazy. I also enjoyed how each week we were naturally challenged that little bit more to take our improv ideas to the next level. A big thank you!”

“I have been on a few improv classes in London and this is definitely the best. Stephen is the most supportive teacher and encourages the student to get out of the comfort zone in a safe environment where you can really try things. Amazed how friendly other students are. Good size the group and great organization of course contents.”

“Stephen is a devoted teacher and managed to cultivate a supportive culture in the group.”



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