Irina Wilder

A picture of Irina WilderIrina Wilder is an improviser, actress, director, and playwright, working in Gothenburg, Sweden. She recently directed The Family Tree at Impram. She’s a founding member and artistic director of Nonplussed, which recently had a sold-out show Viewpoint at the Gothenburg Fringe Festival.

Initially trained in the Stanislavski system, Irina found inspiration in pretty much everything – from improv to Meisner to Laban to Viewpoints. She loves both short- and long-form improv, but her heart belongs to narrative shows, grounded in emotional truth and exploring universal themes with a comedy twist.

Irina uses and teaches the neuroscience of creativity for improvisation, comedy, and storytelling. She believes in the power of laughter to build communities, reduce people’s anxiety, and enhance their compassion—one improv show at a time. She creates show formats that bring together people with wildly different views and allow them to rediscover their shared humanity.

Irina and Stephen are teaching How To Direct Improv from April 10

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