Creating Safe Intimacy in Improv with Lucy Fennell

Improv has the potential to create gorgeously intimate scenes, because it’s spontaneous, because anything can happen, and because we bring parts of ourselves onstage. It also has the power to cross boundaries in an unsafe way, for exactly the same reasons. In this course we’ll learn about looking after yourself and your own boundaries, looking after your scene partner and theirs, why saying no is helpful and important, and about how to have meaningful conversations offstage. By learning about how to establish trust and respect we’ll create scenes that are touching and meaningful. By using ‘no’ effectively, we can find and fully believe in a whole world of ‘yes’.

In this workshop you’ll learn about practical measures you can put in place to keep you and your scene partners safe when using intimacy in improv.

Please contact me for availability, pricing, and further info.

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