Don’t Be an Asshole: An Improv Class for Men

image of Stephen Davidson, smiling.
Stephen Davidson

Based on the principles of Play Like an Ally (being delighted by different kinds of offers, sharing stage time, supporting your scene partner, not making assumptions) this class offers a unique environment for discussion. We’ll talk about how to play characters of different genders, play with people of different genders, and how to be a good ally to women and trans/non-binary players. We’ll also talk about what you have to gain personally and creatively by doing so.

As a trans man, I’ve improvised as both a male and a female, and the experience has helped me understand what players of all genders might be missing out on. Join me for an afternoon of honest discussion about what it means to be a male improviser in 2020, fun improv exercises,  and a safe space to explore your softer side.

Please contact me for availability, pricing, and further info.

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