Improv for Performance

black and white image of Stephen Davidson, smiling
Stephen Davidson

The ideal course to improve your confidence on stage, and provide you with a firm improv grounding. Improvisation is a fantastic tool for acting, comedy, and life, because it means saying, “yes!” and supporting your team members to create a show. You’ll surprise yourself with the things you come up with, and be amazed at how comfortable you start to feel being silly on stage. If you suffer from stage fright, are nervous about speaking on stage, worry you lose the audience, or just want to be more engaging and charismatic on stage and off, this course is for you. Over two days we will create a positive and warm environment to practise speaking and playing to an audience in a way that feels safe and easy.

This workshop is best suited to a 2 day intensive, but can also be condensed to 6 hours. It’s suitable for all levels. Please contact me for availability, pricing, and further info.

“I felt comfortable enough to be ridiculous. It’s the most I’ve enjoyed an improv course. Stephen was brilliant.”