Improvising Gender

black and white image of Stephen Davidson, smiling.
Stephen Davidson.

Do you feel awkward playing genders different from your own? Just want to make sure you’re doing it well? Come along to this one day workshop and push your boundaries. We’ll build some useful improv skills often associated with gender, look at character traits from all over the gender spectrum, and have a chance to try some characters that are off the beaten path (and possibly outside your comfort zone!). Be vulnerable, be brave, try something new.

Improvising Gender is also a book, available Here

This workshop is best suited to a 1 day intensive, but can also be condensed to 3 hours. It’s recommended that¬†participants have at least a year of improv experience and are comfortable with scene work. Please contact me for availability, pricing, and further info.

“There’s no feeling of ‘us’ and ‘them.”