Tennessee Williams

image of a Tennessee Williams show with two people kissing onstage
An Improvised Tennessee Williams show

Lush Southern accents, unrequited love, passionately requited love, and inner turmoil all feature in this unique period. Set against the backdrop of the deep south, where everyone has a role to fulfil in life, we see characters who struggle to find their place. In 2020, when the world is again in turmoil and society seems unrecognisable, this work takes on new meaning.

In the works of Tennessee Williams, vivid dreams collide with stark reality. Repressed desires, an excess of emotion, and poetic language express the inner life of the playwright and each character as they struggle against the confines of society. This class will explore characters, relationships, grounded scene work, imagery, and narrative skills.

This class is best suited to a 6-8 week course or intensive but can be done in an abridged version as well. It’s recommended that students have at least 2 years of experience and are comfortable with grounded scene work. Please contact me for availability, pricing, and further info.