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In the shadows that lie between real life and mythos lurk characters who are entirely normal but impossible all at once. Demons and gods alike intermingle with humans- sometimes seamlessly, sometimes not. Based on the works of Neil Gaiman (American Gods, The Sandman, Good Omens), Mixed Omens creates an entirely new mythos every evening. There’s no need to be superstitious of course… or is there?




Director: Stephen Davidson

image of Stephen Davidson
Stephen Davidson

Stephen Davidson is the Artistic Director of Improvable, QI: Queer Improv, Carmen: A gender-swapped Film Noir Fantasy, Love and Misinformation: An Improvised Play in the style of Caryl Churchill, and co-director of Zeal: The Pride Improv Festival. He currently also plays in Castles in the Air, an improvised Studio Ghibli film, in The Nursery Theatre’s mainstage ensemble, and in duo The Happiest People in the World with Erick Castellan. Stephen teaches improv through Improvable, Hoopla, City Academy, and the Nursery Theatre, and is also a diversity officer for Hoopla Improv. He is the author of Play Like an Ally and Improvising Gender and has taught and performed all over the world.

Invi Brenna, Chloe Kennedy, Karolina (Karo) Kriks, Chris Mead, Jon Nguyen, Ashara Peiris, Avril Poole, Teresa Senyah, and Kiran Shah

image of Invi Brenna
Invi Brenna

Invi Brenna is a UK-based theatre director/-maker and translator. They left their native Norway for the UK over six years ago and only looked back for the occasional holiday. Their major projects include two new translations and adaptations of Henrik Ibsen’s plays, but their work spans from spoken word to stage design. From a working-class background, they do their best to make the arts accessible to all – the last thing they want is to be is a crab in a bucket.




image of Chloe Kennedy
Chloe Kennedy

Chloe Kennedy is an improviser and theatre maker from Aberdeen.  She studied at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, where she received a Distinction MFA in Actor Training and Coaching.  She has taught, mentored and assistant directed at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, as well as The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. Her research covers Narcissism, Complaints Procedures, Sexual Harrassment, Alternative Academia, Intersectional Approaches to Improvisation and Acting.  She readily draws from queer narratives, abstract writing and improv for her directing style. She has a close relationship with Houselights, Wolab, Dirty Rascals and RCSSD – where she has been invited back to research and teach.



image of Karolina Kriks
Karolina Kriks

Karolina Kriks is an actor, voice-over artist and improviser, originally from Austria with Polish roots. She is a cast member of the improv groups “Improvable”, “3 Worlds”, “Carmen” & “Love and Misinformation” and also teaches improvisation in the form of showcase courses and drop-in classes. When not doing improvisation she can be seen in scripted plays or in front or behind the camera as actor or director. She enjoys working towards a creative vision and has recently produced her own little screen project. Fully emerging into a creative environment she also does Stand up comedy or has fun recording voice-overs.




A black and white image of Chris Mead
Chris Mead

Chris Mead is an improviser, writer and creator who lives in the beautiful Surrey Hills with his wife, Laura & Cavapoo dog-pal, Radio. His focus is on emotionally-connected, relationship-driven improv. He is lucky enough to teach and perform all over the world. Chris studied theatre at the prestigious Royal Holloway college and continues to explore improv with every school, theatre and practitioner he can find.

❤️: improv, Doctor Who, tea

😡: injustice, tyranny, coffee



image of Jon Nguyen holding a cupcake
Jon Nguyen

Jon ( he/him) is a British/ Vietnamese improver based in Norwich. He has trained in improv with various companies and coaches over the years and has come to believe that Improv should be fun, connected and inclusive. He loves theatrical work and uses various theatre techniques and styles in his stage work. He has performed internationally and taught at various festivals. Jon is a part of Michelle, Dogface, Comediasians,The Maydays and The improvised play of course. Jon loves people and can always be stopped for a chat and a hug.


An image of Ashara Peiris
Ashara Peiris

Ashara Peiris is an improviser from London and has been training and performing for 4 years. He has training from Hoopla Impro and The Showstoppers.

Alongside improvising his hobbies include singing in a video game choir and playing table top role-playing games.







image of Avril Poole
Avril Poole

Avril Poole is an actress, improviser and stand up. She has been performing improv for many years. She was a founder member of Upstairs Downton, who performed sell out shows at the Edinburgh Festival three years running. She is also a founder member of LadyProv who have a residency at Hoopla with their Character, Sketch and Improv night. Avril is also a member of Carmen: The Improvised Film Noir.



An image of Teresa Senyah
Teresa Senyah

Teresa has been improvising for many years and has a background in acting, singing and dancing. She is a regular member of Hoopla house team ‘Michelle’ and has performed with them at the Brighton and Camden Fringe festivals as well as the Hoopla stage. Teresa has taken part in the Edinburgh Fringe and Leicester Comedy festivals with Derby-based improv group ‘Chewy improv’. She has also guest performed with ‘Do the right scene’ and ‘The playground – Breaking and Entering’. Beyond improv, Teresa performed in many amateur Dance and Drama shows raising money for charity, has written and performed in an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ adaptation at Stratford Circus, performed with the Carmel Thomas Youth Singers in ‘Joseph and his amazing technicoloured Dreamcoat’ on the West End, has been an extra in tv and film and has experience teaching Dance and Drama in the UK and US.


An image of Kierann Shah
Kierann Shah

Kierann Shah is an improviser based in Newport in Wales. She is the Artistic Director of the Bristol Improv Theatre, with a side-hustle in public engagement with science. Originally finding improv through short form with the Same Faces, Kierann remains a member of longform troupe Tiny Stories and the musical improv group Rhymes Against Humanity, as well as performing solo improv whenever anyone will let her. She is always looking for ways for people from more diverse backgrounds and lived experiences to engage with improv and make it their own.




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